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The new, easy and fast inline Coldfusion CFCMS 4.1!
Easy integration in your own website or host it at Lucee Planet.
For € 0,00 p/m extra you can easily manage your own website.
You can also download the ColdFusion CMS and use it in your own website.

Fast inline editing

Edit your site inline for fast and real-time editing.

Easy integration

Very easy to integrate in your own coldfusion website


Support until it works

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Why Coldfusion CMS

A few reasons why you should use Coldfusion CMS.

  • Easy & fast inline editing
  • Menu builder
  • Multi Language frontend
  • Easy to use photo gallery
  • New Filemanager
  • Build your own forms
  • Page Templatemanager
  • Custom CFM template editor
  • Settings
  • User management
  • Edit-rights for single pages

  The Number One Coldfusion CMS

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