Hosting FAQ

U heeft al een hostingaccount vanaf € 1,10 p/m.

You may cancel your hosting account to one month before the end of your billing period.

By default, the account is activated with a datasource to your database if you want to link new datasource, you can request this free through on contact form or by email.

By default, the account is activated with Lucee, if you want to use an extra (sub)domain you have to make a request by e-mail or contactform so we can activatie .CFM for this domain too.

Per server, there is a separate URL for the Control Panel, see your account information for the correct URL or send us an email to request this.

WordPress can be activated within your website, also other CMS systems can be installed through an auto installer. You can also use the EasyCMS of Railo Planet (on request).

After a long downtime you can receive a compensation. For a downtime more than 1 day and less than 5 days you will get one month hosting for free. For a downtime longer than 5 days you will get at least 2 months of free hosting and that can be up to 6 months of free hosting. You are not entitled to other allowances.

All Plesk hosting inclusive:

99% uptime
CFM, PHP, ...
MySQL databases

Unl. datatraffic
Unl. email addresses
SSL (from € 14,99 p/j)
100% SSD

no setup fee
Plesk controlpanel
14 days free trialperiod
2 months free with annual payment